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Firstly lets preface this by saying – Ladies, muscle is your friend. The more lean muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn. 

I think its also important to mention that, YOU WILL not wake up one morning, big and bulky and get the call up to star as a new ambassador for a supplement company.

That takes years of long, hard work.

But if your goals are to look toned, healthy and sexy. (you didn’t want to see my facials in this photo, LOL)

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Then these tips can certainly help you along your journey. Please note you will not be able to incorporate all of these tips at once. Simply use this as a guide.

1- Train according to your goals: Do not copy a friends workout program if you have different goals, or are starting from different places.

2- Avoid long steady state cardio: Sprints are better. Just think, marathon runner vs a sprinter.

3- Enhance your training technique: Treat each rep as if you are being filmed for an upcoming documentary. That means, control your movements. Imagine someone mowing the lawn with an out of control lawnmower. Not so pretty is it.

4- Increase your intensity: Don’t stop just when it starts to hurt. In order to create muscle growth we need to hypertrophy the muscle belly. This means causing microscopic tears in the muscle. Be sure to keep #3 in mind when you are nearing failure.

5- Follow a set plan: Don’t walk from machine to machine or weight to weight not knowing what your next exercise will be. Have it planed so you know exactly what you need to get done in that session.

6- Feel the pump: What most people don’t know about the pump is this. A muscle pump occurs when you train a high volume that relies on the glycolytic energy system. This leads the muscle cell to swell with liquid, which is perceived as a threat to the cell, leading it to grow.

7- Use supersets without rest using Agonist and Antagonist (opposing) muscle groups: This will cause lactate build up and a large Growth Hormone response. (GH is good) An example will be doing a set of Pushups followed immediately by a set of Chin Ups.

8- Have a protein shake post workout: Simply put, when we work muscle to a fatigued state, we need to repair it. A good protein shake acts fast and gets the job done. (Check out Thermo Curves here)

9- Count your tempo: Use controlled tempo variations. A good starter is 3010. This mean in a squat you will lower in 3 seconds, no rest at the bottom, 1 second to rise, no rest at the top, then repeat. Count the seconds in your head. You will be very surprised at what your normal default speed is if you do not count.

10- TUT: When your goal is muscle growth it is important that the muscles be put under a certain amount of tension for a certain amount of time. 40-60 seconds is the benchmark. So if you were using the 3010 tempo per rep, which equals 4 seconds per rep. Your rep range will be 10-15. If you changed your tempo to 4020 you will notice a drastic change in your desired rep amount. Now ranging from 7-10 reps.

11- Balance your cortisol: Take 2 to 10 grams of vitamin C post-workout or anytime you’re stressed. Be smart about caffeine and never take it when anxious or post-workout.

12- Take caffeine pre workout: This will help stimulate your senses and prep you for a big session.

13- Train based on your muscle fibre makeup: Fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers respond differently to each other. ie: calf muscles are predominately made up of fast twitch muscle fibers. These respond better to heavy weights and low reps. Abdominals are the same. Bet you didn’t know that. Now all of a sudden doing 100 crunches seems pointless right?

14- Eat protein to build your body: Upwards of 1.5g/kg per day. Read this article if you are worried about the amount of protein you should eat.

15- REST: Allow your body time to prepare. Listen to your body when its telling you it is sore. Slight muscle pain in normal. But if you cant even sit on the toilet seat, then don’t train that butt again until it is repaired.

16- Fish Oil: Take up to 4 grams of fish oil post-workout to improve protein synthesis and reduce inflammation.

17- Drink water: Apart from you already knowing that this stuff keeps us alive. It will also help keep your muscles hydrated and help flush toxins out of your body. Aim for at least 35ml/kg of weight. So if you are 100kg you will be aiming for 3.5 liters.

18 Have Fun: Building a sleek, sexy, goddess like body should be a fun enjoyable experience. Yes, it will not be easy, but I can assure you it will be WORTH IT!

Let us know what your favourite tip is by commenting below.

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