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Something I see women having a lot of is coffee, especially first thing in the morning. I want to share with you some caffeine-free ways to boost your energy levels in the morning.

I am not here to bash coffee at all. In fact, I drink coffee myself. I roughly consume 1 to 3 cups of coffee per week.

I used to have coffee every day until I learnt that I had below average adrenal health from a hair and mineral analysis test I had done – Listen to my podcast “My Biggest Struggle where I go over some of my health concerns back in 2015.

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Coffee has some great benefits don’t get me wrong. But when you start to rely on it to wake you up or give you energy, you know you have something to be concerned about.

There is more ways to fire up your energy levels then coffee and other stimulants out on the market.

  1. Good Quality Sleep You hear me harp on all the time about the importance of good quality sleep.

Poor quality sleep can, not only make you feel tired, irritable and sluggish, it can also have damaging effects on your overall physical and mental health.

While you sleep, your body is restoring and repairing the day’s damage. Additionally, adenosine, a by-product of cell activity that’s produced by the body, is believed to be a factor in humans’ perception of being tired.

Adenosine builds up during the day but, during sleep, our bodies clear it from our systems, helping us feel alert.

TIP - If you do happen to have a coffee throughout the day, try and eliminate having any caffeine after 3pm.

  1. Staying HydratedSo simple to do and also so simple not to do.

The first signs of dehydration are feeling exhausted and tired. Our bodies are mostly made up of water so it makes sense to drink water all throughout the day.

The Institute of Medicine suggests about 9 cups of fluids a day for women and 13 cups for men.

However a more accurate amount is take your body weight and divide it in half, then drink that many ounces per day, plus more if you workout, are really active, are pregnant, nursing, or are fighting an illness or disease.

If that sounds like a lot, remember that many foods, like fruits and vegetables, contain water as well.

If you have an intense workout, you might want to supplement water with a drink that helps replace the electrolytes your body is sweating out.

Forget sports drinks loaded with high fructose corn syrup and additives. Opt for coconut water or water naturally flavoured with lemon and honey instead.

  1. B Vitamins – B vitamins are also known as the “energy vitamin”. B12 is the most complex vitamin of all vitamins.

It supports thyroid function and keeps blood cells happy and healthy.

If you have low energy this could possibly be a sign you are deficient in B12.

Because it’s a water-soluble vitamin, your body cannot store extra amounts of B12 and relies on getting the vitamin from the foods you eat or supplements.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil – Commonly used in aromatherapy, peppermint essential oil increases oxygen to the brain, which heightens focus and stimulates the mind.

Dab a few drops of peppermint oil on to your wrists when you wake up or when you find yourself lacking energy throughout the day.

You could add a few drops to your hot shower in the morning or have a diffuser running in your home or office throughout the day for optimal results.

  1. Exercise Of course but not least my biggest tip would be to exercise in the morning.

I have been exercising now for 9 years. I have test and trialled all different times throughout the day to workout to find out what made me feel the best.

Honestly, nothing beats working out first thing in the morning. It leaves me feeling amazing for my full day ahead and not only does it leave me with heaps of energy, It also sets my day up for success with being productive, making healthy food choices and staying on track with my fluids.

It can be as simple as a walk when you wake up to get the body moving. Not only are you going to be burning fat, but you are also starting your day with a clear mind and you get to experience the morning endorphin rush.

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