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One of the biggest questions I get asked is how to stay lean all year round.

It’s a great question, because I don’t believe that a healthy lifestyle should have an expiry date.

So fluctuating up and down in weight year round, year after year is not a healthy way to live and actually puts a lot of stress on your body and most of all, your mind.

Once you adapt healthy habits and continue to apply them to your daily routine, you will begin to know what it actually feels like to feel your absolute best, and that’s the addictive part… in a healthy way.

Once you experience better moods, high energy levels, and your quality of sleep is better then ever, you won’t want to turn back.

The other great thing about this healthy and active way of living; is your body stays lean round.

As a lot of you would know by now, I do not count calories or track macros.

I also live a very balanced life and enjoy treats and social events, without any guilt. And you deserve just that too.

So here are 5 Ways To Keep Lean All Year Round!

#1 SLEEP – I cannot stress enough about the importance of getting enough sleep and most of all, getting good quality sleep.

Did you know that studies have show a direct correlative effect to fat storage in the calf muscles vs the quality of sleep you are getting? Crazy right…

Sleep is so often misunderstood.

It helps with your physical and physiological repair and should not be under-valued. Make it a high priority to go to bed earlier.

If you struggle to get to sleep, try doing a ‘guided relaxation mediation’, big deep breaths and even try to diffuse lavender next to your bed.

Try and aim for no less then 8 hours per night of sleep.

(See more on sleep and fat-loss here)

#2 BE GRATEFUL – You are probably thinking how does this have anything to do with staying lean?

Well, have you heard the saying “If you practice being grateful you can’t feel negativity at the same time?”

It’s true you can’t.

So if you are feeling down, anxious or you are in a negative state, then in most cases you are going to choose the cookie over the salad, right?

When making food choices, check in with yourself and ask yourself how are you feeling?

If you find yourself not in the most positive state, start listing things you are grateful for about your life, your health, your relationships etc

There’s a high chance that you will choose the salad over the cookie quick smart.

#3 STOP COUNTING – What I mean by this, is stop counting calories.

When I started my health and fitness back in 2008, I never even considered calorie counting. And still to this day, I don’t.

Is a calorie a calorie, and how do we know a real calorie from an imposter… WOW, confusing already right. 😉

Stop the counting and cut out the crap food. This is the best starting point for 99% of the population.

Choose foods in their most natural state.

Include healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil. Include lean proteins and complex carbohydrates like, sweet potato, brown rice and pastas, and oats.

Fruits are amazing for vitamins and nutrients and they taste amazing. But beware… Fruits do contain sugar. Whilst it is in its most natural form, with anything, we must consume in moderation.

#4 ALLOW TREATS – This is where the term “balanced lifestyle” comes into play.

This is something I am huge on encouraging, if you feel like it of course.

Allowing yourself to have treats and food you usually wouldn’t choose is not a crime.

It’s actually very healthy to do this in moderation, and in most cases stops you from falling off track.

I want you to enjoy every mouthful and not have one ounce of guilt, because feeling guilty towards food you eat is not putting you in a positive state of mind and leads to unhealthy relationships with food.

Just remember, it won’t be the last time you treat yourself.

So don’t make it a binge eating sessions and scoff down as much as you can.

#5 HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING – HIIT & high intensity training is going to help you to burn more fat and build lean muscle mass.

There are so many variations when it comes to high intensity training and something I incorporate even in my weight training programs. (BBSU42 / FITBODY42)

Adding this style of training to your workout routine is super beneficial and is very quick yet highly effective.

An example of a HIIT (interval) session can look like this - complete all out effort for 30 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of low-intensity effort, for anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

As you get better, lengthen the work interval, reduce the recovery interval, increase the degree of effort, and/or lengthen the duration of your workout.

An example of high intensity training is when completing weights or circuits, you have little rest between sets and exercises.

You will definitely be puffing and sweating but you know you are getting somewhere and doing the right thing.

I would love to hear how many of these tips you already apply to your daily lifestyle and if you don’t, I know these tips can really help you to keeping a healthy lean body year round without the worry, stress we seem to put on ourselves.

Remember, don’t compare yourself or your results to anyone else.

Work on being the best version of yourself every day and continue to be a loving human. The world needs more people like you. <3

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