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Christmas is literally just around the corner and it is such an exciting time of year where we celebrate with our most closest and dearest. It’s also a time where we can get a little carried away with ten too many cocktails and extra plates of food.

I am not here to be the Grinch and take away the fun because let’s face it, Christmas happens once a year and we need to enjoy it. I am here however to give you some tips on how you can beat the Christmas bulge but still enjoy everything.

Let’s talk food first. I am the biggest sucker when it comes to feasts, if you know me by now you know I can eat and Im not afraid to eat but I also know how to not go crazy so I don’t feel crappy after.

Whether you are hosting or you are a guest to a Christmas do, always create a plate that you love and that is healthy, this way if you have had a little bit of everything and of the not so healthy heavy food and if you are still feeling peckish after, you have your healthy dish you can munch on and not feel heavy, sick or bloated.

If you don’t decide to take your own dish, simply enjoy a little bit everything without going overboard, which I know is very easy to do in these situations as our eyes can be much bigger then we can actually stomach and that’s where most people go wrong and over-eat and this is where the dreaded bulge will start to take place.

In most cases once this happens most people’s mindset is “oh well iv had one bad day and iv over eaten Ill just keep going and start fresh in the new year” WRONG THINKING! If you dropped your phone once and cracked it, you wouldn’t pick it back up and go “oh well, iv dropped it once Ill just keep smashing it now” this goes the same as your eating. If you have a blow out, don’t beat yourself up, just move on from it and work on improving that the next day because we all know we have left overs for the next week to eat, so be mindful 😉

Now let’s talk drinking. It’s that time of year where there are a lot of work functions, Christmas parties etc and whilst I am not condoning binge drinking at all, I am however encouraging you to have fun, drink smart and play safely.

My tips for choices of drinks would be to stay clear of the sugary pre mixers and ones with sugar syrups etc. I always stick with a preservative free wine or vodka and soda water with fresh lemon or lime and mint or another favourite is espresso martinis without the sugar syrup, sometimes they may have some honey if you need to sweeten it, so don’t be afraid to speak up because it’s your body and you are paying for these higher class cocktails.

And my last tip is when you are drinking, be sure to eat some substantial food prior and also after and most importantly, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, honestly you should be consuming one glass of water per alcoholic drink at the least, you will thank me in the morning when you wake up!

I hope you have a safe and very Merry Christmas and New Years.


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