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It seems as of late in the health and fitness world it’s all about those “booty gains”.

There is actually 3 parts that make up the booty, commonly know as the “Glutes”:

  1. Gluteus Maximus: This is the largest muscle of the glutes and is responsible for movement in our hips and thighs and is known to be one of the strongest muscles in the human body.
  1. Gluteus Medius: which is the middle size of the three and sits very deep and directly under the gluteus maximus.
  1. Then there is the smallest part of the three gluteal muscles – Gluteus Minimus which attaches to the top of the femur also known as the thigh bone.

You may already know some great exercises to build a nice rounded butt, but are you getting the most out of your booty training?

I get a lot of women asking me, “how do I shape and tone my butt… But I don’t want the big legs that come from pumping out hundreds of squats?”

Well this is exactly what I am going to share with you in this short blog so you can get the most out of your butt training and be on your way to growing a strong shaped behind.

The first step is to uncover the best bang for buck (benefit driven) exercises that will shape and tone your butt, but also minimise the growth of your quads (front of leg).

The only downside of this, is that your exercise list options will not be as plentiful.

However don’t be alarmed. I have got you covered.

In a past article I wrote, I discussed the concept of Quality over Quantity. You can read that here after.

In this article, I talk about the mind/body connection, the ability to contract a muscle correctly and get the most benefit from it.

Here is a mantra you may want to consider repeating in your head, or out loud haha… Next time you are working out.

Focus, activate and squeeze. Focus, activate and squeeze.

So lets get down to business and share some exercises you could consider adding to your booty training.

Remember the goal here is to shape the booty, and minimise growth to our quads (front of legs).

Lets address squats.

Firstly Squats are a staple exercise in most training programs, and so it should be… It is an amazing movement that correlates with a wide variety of goals.

In this case… It’s important to remember that we are looking for more booty specific movements.

I stumbled across this finding because when I first started working out many years ago, I noticed something.

I followed the ‘squat till you drop’ principle (using heavy squats in most workouts). But what I noticed was… YES, my booty was getting peachier… But my jeans were almost constricting blood flow to my feet, due to the added growth of my quads.

YES. The more I squatted. The bigger everything was getting.

So I had to get smarter.

And here is what I did.

Here are my top 3 exercises I incorporate into my training for shaping and toning your butt:

Exercise 1 – Single Leg Hip Thrust/Extension (You can also do this elevated with your foot on a bench)

Exercise 2 – Seated Abductor Machine (Take note of the ABDUCTOR part of the video)

Exercise 3 – Standing Cable Kick Backs

PLEASE NOTE: I am in no way shape or form suggesting you give up squatting. I love this movement and many of my programs do utilise this bang for buck exercise.

The key is to select the correct exercises, based on your goals.

If you find that the more you squat, the bigger your legs are getting. Feel free to substitute this exercise for one of the above, or at the very least stick to body weight squats.

Take away Tip: If you are new to any of these exercises, start with lightweight, create the correct form, and learn to activate and squeeze throughout the motion of the exercise.

And remember, focus, activate and squeeze your way to a peachy butt.

Happy Booty Gains.

P.S. If you want an A-Z fitness program that will have your booty growing a mind of its own… check out FitBody42 or BBSU42.

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