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Well I have left for Canada and America and I have also returned after 3 weeks abroad.

I wanted to share with you how I managed to keep up with my eating and exercise whilst being in other countries.

Let me take you to the first two nights from when we left home on the Gold Coast.

We flew to Cairns which is just over 2hrs of flight time for 2 nights prior to coming all the way back to Brisbane to meet our friends and fly to LA. If you know what Cairns is like weather wise, then you will know how hot it is all year round, let alone in the summer. And if you don’t know, it’s like you are melting when you are outside in the sun!

I got a workout in on the first night we were there which was great, food wasn’t what I usually would have but still was mindful of my choices i.e. gluten free, plant based.

The next morning we had planned on hiring some bikes to ride along the esplanade… Until we got to the hire place and they asked how long we wanted them and they said we had someone hire for 3 hours and he was back in 45min. Meaning if we wanted to die from the heat, choose wisely.

We ended up choosing a car… Yes a car. It had air-con and it meant we could go for an adventure without the annoyance of it being too hot to want to do anything. So there was no actual workout on day 2.

On Friday morning we were up at 4am to get to the airport to fly out back to Brisbane for our international flight to LAX as our first stop. Getting to the lounge and meeting our friends we all celebrated with a couple of espresso martinis, yes that’s right, if you calculated that correctly we were drinking cocktails at 9:30am.

That flight was a bit of a blur to be honest, we had business class seats so the drinks were flowing and too be honest I hadn’t binged drunk since April for our wedding anniversary/celebration, so I didn’t need much to be all starry-eyed.

Arriving to LA we had a stop over of about 6hrs, so we met up with our friend’s friend in Santa Monica and had breakfast, my first overseas food outing this trip and I take the most plant based option I could find. It was banana bread (not GF) with fresh fruit (yum) with Greek yoghurt, which I didn’t really touch.

Arriving back to the airport to fly to Calgary, Canada and we find out our flight was delayed. As you can imagine I was hungry by this time and I’m stuck in an international airport… with airport food options, someone save me!

By this time I almost didn’t care what I ate I was so hungry, so I went completely against my newly plant based and GF diet. I shared a mini BBQ chicken pizza with Brett. At that point it did its job of filling me… for about an hour, so I got some sweet potato fries.

We land in Calgary and I’m squealing as I see snow for the very first time, it is all very exciting.

Once we arrive to our hotel in Calgary we are all again hungry and have dinner at the hotel. The choices were very American yet we were in Canada and they were not plant based friendly… at all. So here I go again choosing the best option possible – Vegetarian nachos with guacamole and sour cream on the side. When I saw vegetarian nachos and reading it had vegetables I was ok with it until I saw it… where are the flippin’ veggies?

We leave Calgary to get to our first destination of the trip – Banff. Can I just say, Canada is absolutely amazing, like beautifully stunning and more then picturesque, pictures don’t do it justice. I almost didn’t like taking photos because it looked nowhere near what I was actually witnessing with my eyeballs.

So without going into every single day of my food (how boring) I’m just going to snapshot the main points over the trip.

We arrive at the Fairmont Banff aka The Castle and its Christmas Eve and we head to a restaurant in Banff town and it’s a burger joint. Praise the lord they had a vegan burger with a GF bun, yes I hit the jackpot! It was one of the nicest burgers I’ve had.

Once we get back to the hotel, we, the squad, all head to the gym and do a mix mash workout and move the body. It felt good and I thought to myself, “cool, everyone else is motivated to workout, this won’t be bad after all.”

Well I hate to say it but that was the first and last gym session we all did for the remainder of the trip… I know; Who am I? But in all seriousness on Christmas morning 3 of the 4 of us headed to do some fasted cardio before hitting our Christmas brunch, which was delish and I chose to eat seafood, actually throughout the holiday I ate a lot of seafood as I didn’t eat any meat other then that life saving (at the time) BBQ chicken pizza.

On Boxing Day we went snowboarding so we definitely got to burn some decent calories and use some muscles we may have not ever used before.

The day after that, (If I remember correctly we had had some drinks the night before so I was feeling a little meh), I did get to head to the gym for a really quick fasted cardio sesh.

A lot of my breakfasts whilst staying at this hotel were oatmeal with raisins and honey with some fruit salad and a green bottled juice or an almond coffee.

When we arrived in Lake Louise we have lunch and they had also a GF vegetarian burger, although I did feel very heavy from it, which I take that as the sweet potato and quinoa patty looked like it was deep dried, it was pretty good.

Breakfast at The Chateau was either fruit with scrambled eggs, hash browns and the occasional croissants.

If I was to round it down majority of my breakfasts were oatmeal, eggs, hash browns, smoke salmon, croissants and fruit, not entirely bad.

Lunch and dinner’s were always the toughest for choice except when we arrived back in California I headed straight to my all time fave joint – Whole foods! If you don’t know what Whole foods is, think of the biggest health shop you have been too and put it on steroids. It’s so amazing!

Majority of them are amazing, however there has been a let down or two of stores where the self-serve food hasn’t had the best selection or been the freshest but majority of the time they are amazing. I was like a kid in a candy store and it had been almost 2 years since I had been to one last, so I was excited to say the least.

I stocked up on so much veggies and salads and beans it was delicious and my body was craving it.

There was a night in Beverly Hills we went to Italian and I had bread and non GF pasta with a rose sauce and prawns, it was delish to be honest.

We did go and do a fasted hike on Runyon Canyon which we took the short route which was for about 40min. Runyon is a place in the Hollywood Hills that you can see the big sign, see all the big houses and it looks all over LA basically, it’s actually really beautiful and I’m glad I dragged the squad up. I think I made them see that I love it for the beauty not because of celebs. It’s a very busy hiking track, lots of dogs which you would have seen on my snap chat I had two cutie Frenchie’s walking with me and you maybe lucky to see many celebs who hike it. Justin Bieber loves it there and also Kevin Hart, just to name a couple.

Runyon Canyon also is special to me because when Brett and I were last there doing a super mini hike in April 2015, little did I know Brett had bigger plans then hiking some hill. That afternoon he proposed when we had arrived in Santa Barbara. It was just amazing, this is why Cali holds such a special place in my heart and something that also came to me in the last week why I haven’t been able to drop my obsession for wanting to stay longer if not move for a year to Cali is because in reality, Emily Sparkes never came home. I flew over as Emily Sparkes and got engaged and married on that trip and came back home as Emily Campbell, so really there is a piece of me that is still over there and will always be <3

I really wanted to do a workout when we were staying in Beverly Hills because we were staying the Beverly Hilton and the Golden Globes was being set up the whole time we were there and it was only 3-4 days out of having the best actors and actresses turn up (you may have seen on my snapchat) I mean who knows who I may have ran into doing a morning workout, it was also a really good gym set up, so I hit myself for that.

Speaking of celebs we were lucky enough to see Jimmy Fallon and Sylvester Stallones Daughters (Miss Golden Globes) all walk out to the media to roll out the red carpet. We love Jimmy so we waited and he came out, did his thing and Brett even got to queue him on the red carpet and got a picture with him. (Check out Brett’s FB LIVE on his page he got the whole thing)

So overall it wasn’t the easiest to eat out and be away from home for 3 weeks and I also consumed alcohol over that time, even if it was just 1-2 glasses of wine at dinner it’s not something I usually do and it certainly had an effect on me.

Fast forward to the day arriving back in Australia and we are hit with the crazy heat wave and humidity that our country loves to offer. I went out and did a food shop to have us ready to get back into routine the following day.

I wake up and manage to get my butt to the gym for my first weights session in almost 3 weeks. It was tough but I felt good.

Nutrition was back on point and I was so determined to get my pre holiday bod back and I wake up the next morning and BAM… I could feel I was getting sick, it was in my throat and it sounded, well not good.

I could have gone “why me?”, “why now?” but to be fair, If I compared to how I treat myself and body at home to the last 3 weeks overseas, I had mistreated my body. I found it really hard to uphold my inner health routine whilst being away from home and due to this I had become run down, my liver had probably been working over time and I ended up with the flu.

This is why I am so HUGE on inner health and nurturing your body from within and being in-tune with your body. Since doing this I have not been sick in that time and that is close to 2 years, 2 years of no sickness nothing.

Do I regret the holiday’s food and drink choices, no, not at all. I did the best I could with what was presented to me and I enjoyed myself.

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with this insight to my Canada and Cali trip and you can see even people in the fitness industry like to let their hair down and enjoy themselves with food and drinks and you can stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be so restricting when it comes to eating out and socialising. We are all human. Always be mindful but also always have fun.

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