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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a magic food that you simply ate and your body would be lean and healthy all year round?

How much would one pay for this I wonder?

Imagine what life would be like. There would be no drive thru’s, no restaurants, no food courts, and there wouldn’t even be the need for these massive supermarket chains, that collect millions of dollars a day by manipulating people into buying food that is literally killing us. (rant over)

Well unfortunately there is no one food that can produce these results for us.

But there are many types of foods that if eaten in conjunction with a healthy nutritional plan, can certainly produce a lean and healthy body.

In this short article I want to introduce to you a food that I recommend adding to your daily routine, furthermore, I will tell you why.

Why you should add Chia Seeds to your eating regime.

Firstly lets look at Lignans and what they are?

According to Wikipedia: Lignans are a group of chemical compounds found in plants. Lignans are one of the major classes of phytoestrogens, which are estrogen like chemicals and also act as antioxidants.

There has been a growing interest in lignans, because of their potentially favourable effects on human health.

Research shows that lignans, are over 2700% higher in chia seeds (at 935 mg/tablespoon) than flaxseeds, making it a “far superior seed”.

The British Journal of Nutrition has concluded that individuals who consume a daily high dose of lignans (approximately 70-92 mg/day) were 5 kg (or 11 lbs) lighter than those that did not consume high levels of lignans daily.1

In conclusion, women with the highest ENL concentrations had a better metabolic profile including higher insulin sensitivity and lower adiposity measures.

So lets recap and provide some more wonderful reasons why you should consider adding Chia Seeds to your nutritional programming.

  • CHIA’s greatest value in its extremely high content of Omega-3 fatty acids! With 2,000 mgs per serving flushes out age-accelerating toxins
  • Regain youthful exuberance
  • Skin elasticity
  • Hair, skin and nail enhancement
  • Joint lubrication and reduced inflammation
  • Reduces muscle soreness and speeds rejuvenation
  • Lowers lactic acid buildup in muscles (the soreness from training)
  • Easy to Incorporate into any Diet
  • CHIA has a neutral flavor that can be seamlessly added to any dish
  • CHIA provides 97% of its calories from high quality plant protein and lipids with very few calories from carbohydrates
  • It is very rich in calcium and iron; contains Vitamins A and C, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium, and is a great source of B vitamins including folic acid

As you can see this little food has many benefits to a lean healthy body.

Here are some comparisons for you to look at.

The best way to consume Chia Seeds?

I simply add chia seeds to any of my smoothies.

Here are couple of my many favourite smoothie creations, straight from the Green Smoothie Recipe book,


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