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Many of us who have embarked on a health and fitness journey, where we want to lose some unwanted body fat, we have taken on some pretty drastic measures.

I wanted to do this blog today to share with you a few things you shouldn’t be doing on any Fat Loss journey.

  1. Skipping Meals

It might sounds like a good thing to skip meals and in hope you will reach your goals faster but in-fact you could be doing far more damage then you think.

Skipping meals can be a dangerous path to go down. Doing this can set off a chain of adverse effects.

Your blood sugar drops and you are potentially causing your metabolism to slow down, which means you aren’t going to burning fat at the rate you want to be for ultimate healthy fat-loss.

Over time, under-eating can disrupt your hormone responses and also putting unnecessary stress on your mind and body.

In most cases when people skip meals, there tends to be a huge binge eating session because you have completely starved your body and you end up caving in.

  1. Choosing Low Fat Foods

Have you heard someone say, “Fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat”?

Well that is somewhat true. I’m definitely not going to sit here and tell you eating deep fried fatty foods aren’t going to add to your waist-line, because, well it will over time.

It’s actually excess carbs and sugars that will do that.

Choosing the right healthy fats can actually play a positive part in your health and fat-loss journey.

Just some of the healthy fats that should be consumed in your diet is avocado, eggs, nuts, seeds, healthy oils like nut oils, olive oil, avocado oil, fatty wild caught fish.

When choosing low fat foods, 99% of the time it’s going to have a higher added sugar content to make up for the flavor loss when the fat has been taken out.

Think of low fat yoghurts. The sugar content is so much higher then full fat products. Get to know your food labels and always check the ingredients for unwanted added sugars over the fat content.

  1. Reducing Water Intake

H20 is essential for a healthy functioning body. It helps our organs to function, the health of our skin and nails and is also the transporter for healthy nutrients into and out of your cells.

Staying hydrated is actually key for losing weight. It helps to flush out the toxins from the body and a lot of the time you mistake hunger for thirst.

How to determine how much you should consume daily:

A basic baseline is to drink .33ml x per kg of body weight.

ie: if you are 100kg, consume 3.3litres.

Always steer towards the MORE than LESS.

Activity Level – For every 30 minutes of exercise consider consuming a further 300-1000ml of water.

  1. Weighing Yourself Daily

If you have been following me for some time, you will know I am not an advocate on weighing yourself.

The scales do not calculate or determine your health, happiness and muscle mass.

Our bodies fluctuate on the daily, so weighing yourself daily is only going to leave you feeling disheartened and discouraged and in a lot of cases this is where people just give up.

There are far better ways to track your progress, check out this blog I wrote.

  1. Not Getting Enough Beauty Sleep

I have spoken about sleep and fat-loss many of times and I will say it again because it is crucial in any health and fitness journey.

Sleep is vital for physiological and psychological repair. A lot of people think they can run off only 4-5 hours sleep per night, but the long-term effects are damaging.

Brett talks about this in his book Right NOW! (you should check it out)

If you are getting less then 8hrs of sleep per night, I challenge you to start going to bed earlier (not to sit on social media or watch TV) and get no less than 8 hours of sleep and do this for 21 days.

I would love to hear your feedback on how you felt after this time, how your moods were and how you performed throughout your days.

Listen to an episode of my podcast which talks about Sleep & Fat-Loss

These 5 tips are very realistic to adapt into any health and fitness journey.

I believe by implementing each of these tips, you are going to see far greater improvements in your fat-loss results.

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