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By the end of this workout I have designed for you, you will be left feeling sore, BUT amazing at the same time from your head to your toes, literally. In this workout I have created, there is 6 exercises consisting of high intensity, plyometric and resistant training designed to target your entire body and will help to strengthen & tone your body and help to shred any unwanted body fat.

The workout consists of the following exercises-
A1 - Box Jumps (Full Range Of Motion) x10
A2 - Kettle Bell Semi Stiff Leg Deadlifts x12
A3 - Weighted Ball Slams x12
A4 - Bent Over Barbell Rows x12
A5 - Dumbbell Push Up Wit Squat Press x10
A6 - Hanging Leg Raises x until failure
rest 60-90sec, complete 3 to 4 full rounds

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