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Do you still remember the first time you completed your first workout and for the next few days or even for the next week your body was in agony?

You may have even thought that this can’t be good every time you workout or why would anyone even want to feel like that every time they did a workout? Trust me, it’s a bit of a love/hate relationship.

But don’t worry, we have all been there and we still go through those sore times when we do new exercises or we increase the weights or we just really push ourselves to the next level; it’s all completely normal.

Yes that’s right, the feeling of not being able to sit down on the toilet without gripping onto the walls or walking down some stairs and you look like you have never come across a set before and you are learning to walk them. Sound familiar?

Well I want to share with you some basic tips on how you can reduce the pain and the amount of time that you are in agony.

  1. PROTEIN – When you exercise your muscles get tiny microscopic tears in them and to help repair them, you will need protein post workout. This could be a protein shake, eggs, or even lean meat proteins along with healthy fats and carbs.
  1. ACTIVE RECOVERY – Even though you are sore, active recovery is strongly advised. It will be a lot less intense then your workouts and this might be as little as going for a light walk. This is to help the soreness and stiffness you are feeling by stimulating blood flow and improving circulation to the muscles.
  1. EPSOM SALT – A warm bath or as hot as you can handle it with some Epsom salts or magnesium flakes will help with the inflammation and help to relieve some of the muscle pain you are experiencing. Use about 1 cup per bath and soak your body for about 20-30min. Soaking will also help draw toxins out of your body. NB Make sure you are hydrated and drink water throughout the time whilst in the bath to avoid headaches and dehydration.
  1. MASSAGE – When your muscles have been over worked they become deprived of blood so, if you can find someone who is a good sports massage therapist, they will be able to manipulate the muscles in such a way that will increase the blood flow back to your muscle tissues. When you get a massage you are supplying the muscles with the nutrients they need to be able to heal. Whilst getting a deep tissue massage, your muscles are able to rid themselves of the lactic acid that has built up. If you don’t have access to see a sports massage therapist, I highly recommend investing in a foam roller. These can be found online or in most sport shops. When using this piece of equipment, it is like giving yourself a massage and helps to release those sore spots. A foam roller could quite possibly be one of the best investments you could make for your health and fitness journey.
  1. REST – Get in-tune with your body and really listen and feel to what it is telling you. If you can feel that your body is saying too rest, then simply rest. And by all means, DO NOT, I repeat, do not feel guilty for taking a day or 2 off from training. Use this time to recover and repair.


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