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Comedian Ricky Gervais once told a joke where he went on to say, ‘A little peckish between snacks are we?’ I thought it was hilarious, WHY? Well most jokes are funny when they are true, right?

We have all been there, you know those times where you have just wanted to eat the house out clean and consume everything your eyeballs lay sight on, I have definitely been there, on many occasions.

So with that in mind, I want to share some simple, yet very effective tips on what you can do to ultimately stop yourself from becoming peckish between snacks.

First things first: have a plan of attack for your daily food intake.

I know. This is common sense right? But unfortunately it is not common practice.

This may mean you will prep your meals in advance and know the snacks you will be having daily, this way you know exactly what you are going to be eating and no thought goes into it after you have done your food prep for the week.

Also, by doing this you aren’t left with the temptation to make bad food choices when you are hungry, we all know how diabolical this can be – have you ever done the grocery shopping whilst your hungry? (insert face palm) You get my drift.

Don’t buy food that is going to hinder you from achieving your health and fitness goals because this is not only going to slow you down from those gains, but you also cannot out train a bad diet. Fact proven!

TIP: Order your groceries online. This way you will NEVER be tempted to throw that sneaky packet of *INSERT SUGARY SNACK HERE* into your trolley.

When you buy cheap processed foods, these are just one of the reasons why you are snacking within the hour if not sooner. These foods are not quality foods and are not slow releasing which keep you feeling fuller for longer, instead you get a huge spike in your insulin levels and then you come crashing back down to earth feeling tired and lethargic ready for the next snack far too quickly. This is not the way to live a healthy and active life.

Be sure you are consuming protein with every main meal and most if not all of your snacks also.

Here are a few examples of great Protein sources:, lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, tempeh etc.

(Download my free 7 day meal plan here)

Protein is a slow releasing macronutrient that will help keep you feeling fuller for longer. It also helps to repair damaged muscle tissue, bones and skin.

Are you hungry or is it dehydration?

Dehydration is a common cause of snacking often disguising itself as hunger.

Again this is common sense, but not common practice.

Ensure you are drinking a minimum of .03L per 1kg of water per day. If you workout daily it is recommended to add another litre to your total.

Yes that’s right, you will be visiting the toilet more then usual, but this is 100% normal as your body is flushing out all the toxins in your body. So in hindsight it’s a big win for you and your health.

So to sum this up:

Plan your meals ahead of time

Do the grocery shopping when you are NOT hungry, better yet, order online

Eat lean protein

Remain Hydrated


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