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In this lower body gym workout, I take through 7 different exercises targeting your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and is bound to get your heart rate up through the roof.

This workout consists of the following exercises –

A1 - Barbell Squats 3×12
A2 - Seated Hamstring Curls 3×10
rest 60sec and repeat A1-A2 3x
B1 - Hamstring Press 3×12
B2- Walking Lunges 12 x each leg
rest 60sec and repeat B1-B2 3x
C1 - Semi Stiff Deadlifts 3×12
C2 - Kettle Bell Pop Squats 3×15
rest 60sec and repeat C1-C2 3x
D1 - Calf Raises Until Failure
rest 60sec and repeat D1 3x

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