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Quality over quantity, what does this mean in the fitness world?

Well for me personally, and what I tell our online clients who use our training programs, it’s making sure you are keeping correct form throughout the movement of an exercise, regardless of what weight you are using.

You can leave your ego at the door because if you want to avoid injury, have a symmetrically proportioned body, then you need to start training smart and use the “Quality Over Quantity” rule.

I see far too many men and women in the gym lifting, pushing and pulling crazy amounts of weights, yet their form and technique is terrifying. I say terrifying because if you knew the physics of the body and the damage they are doing to their bodies right then and there and down the track it’s eye hurting, yep I said it, eye hurting. (Is that even a word? Well it is in this blog!)

This can all be totally avoided too. For me personally I have one glute that can activate a lot easier then the other, so when I work my glutes in particular single sided glute work, I lower my weights ridiculously because I left my ego at the door many years ago and I am glad I did. I concentrate on mind to muscle connection aka focusing on the muscle I am using, in this case a cable kick back is dominant in the glute, so I take my time throughout the movement and really squeeze and activate the glute at the top of the kick back.

By keeping a low weight and correct form I am able to focus on that muscle group and work on activation, something I see a lot of people NOT doing. They just see other people do an exercise or they aren’t too sure what they are working and they kind of just throw their body in the motion in which they think is correct, which is where it can all go wrong and well you guessed it, disproportioned bodies, injuries etc.

Once you start to master mind to muscle connection throughout each rep of each exercise and your form is spot on, feel free to move up in the weights slightly and work from there. As soon as you start to lose technique and you start to compensate in other areas of the body rather then the muscle group you should be working, take it back down again with the weights and keep trying.

If people did the correct form with the weights they use now, there would be almost no chance that even half of them would be able to complete their sets. Correct technique changes the whole dynamic of your training, and you will feel and see a massive difference in your body too, I can guarantee that.

If you are not completely sure on how to do exercises or you aren’t exactly sure what muscles you should be focusing on in your exercises, they ask a fitness professional at your gym, youtube some video demonstrations that will talk you through it. There is always someone out there who would love to help you.

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