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Fish oil is an amazing supplement that comes naturally from fish. (obviously) If you are not eating fish at least 3 times a week then you are probably lacking this amazing source of goodness.

Along with its amazing health benefits, some including:fishoil

•    Cardiovascular function
•    Nervous system function and brain development
•    Immune health
•    Fish oils turn on the lipolytic genes.

That means that the genes responsible for burning fat are activated, which means there is an increased utilization of fat stores.
Research shows that low DHA consumption (and blood levels) is associated with memory loss, difficulty concentrating, Alzheimer’s disease and other mood problems.

A study in the British Journal of Psychiatry shows that providing fish oil and a multivitamin to prison inmates reduces aggressive and violent behavior by 35% and decreases antisocial behavior by 26%.

Thats pretty amazing right? Also, a paper published in Nutrition Reviews shows that giving children fish oil and a multivitamin improves both their behavior and intelligence scores. (Who doesn’t want a smarter, better-behaved kid?)

Another powerful reason to supplement with fish oil is its power of removing nutrient deficiencies. Nutrient deficiencies are one of the main reasons people struggle with body composition changes. (more on this soon)

When our bodies don’t have the nutrients they need to do their work, we all suffer. But as soon as we get these nutrients, we thrive. Recommendations: Aim for around 6-12 daily grams of total fish oil (about 3-6 grams of EPA + DHA) per day from a supplement company that doesn’t contribute directly to the depletion of fish (e.g., they use primarily fish discards).

We want to use a reputable company. I suggest liquid fish oil, because it’s hard to take so many capsules, (but it can smell) and because some supplement companies put lower-quality oil into capsules (or secretly cut it with soy oil). Another option is to choose krill oil.

TIP: Add up the amounts of EPA & DHA listed on the back of the product and make sure the total is at least 300 mg per 1000 mg capsule. This will make it easier to get the suggested dose. Find a fish oil supplement that you can tolerate the taste of, otherwise you won’t use it (unless it’s in capsule form).

IMPORTANT: Avoid trans fats (take-away meals including deep-fried and baked foods including store bought biscuits, pastries, pies and cakes) These can interfere with EPA & DHA in the body.

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