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In this workout video I take you through 7 different shoulder & arm exercises. This workout is a mix of super-sets & ti-sets designed to shape & tone the shoulders & arms. As the workout is structured with super-sets & ti-sets, this is going to increase the intensity & help to shred that unwanted body fat.

A1 - Seated DB Shoulder Press x12
A2 - Seated DB Bicep Curl x12 each arm
rest 60sec and repeat A1-A2 3x

B1 - Cable Lateral Raises x12 each arm
B2 - V Bar Cable Curls x12
B3 - Tricep Pushdowns x12
rest 60sec and repeat B1-B2-B3 3x

C1 - Rear Delt Cable Pulses x8
C2 - Tricep Pushup until failure
rest 60sec and repeat C1-C2 3x

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