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I am about to leave for a 2 week work and play holiday; it will be the first overseas trip since October last year when we travelled to Dubai and the Maldives for our honeymoon.

With what I have trialled with foods since that last trip, I think there is going to be some differences with my food choices when it comes to eating when on holidays.

Let me paint the picture.

Take it back to my first trip in 2010. I had a holiday coming up (all my trips have been summer destinations except one) which means I will be getting in a bikini at some stage.

I would set myself some tighter goals and really tidy up my food intake and would make sure I bumped up my HIIT and cardio training leading up to the trip.

Once it was time to go on holiday, I felt great and couldn’t wait to rock the bikini.

Then came the food choices.

99% of the time breakfast would be a buffet in our accommodation. There would be things like pastries, hash browns, pancakes, and waffles. As I am on holidays, I have a bit of everything, (ok maybe some things a lot more of than others) and I know how to eat, and when I say that I mean I can eat a lot of food based on my body size.

Then when it came to lunch and dinner, I would always choose something that I wouldn’t usually cook myself, in fact usually foods I wouldn’t eat a lot of. Training was non existent on my first holiday, so scrap even mentioning that.

And this was a repeat of food choices over the full holiday, with some being healthy, because I genuinely love fresh fruit and seafood, but majority of the time the food choices were not the best over the holiday period.

Over the years of learning more about inner health and how my body responds to certain foods, I have definitely come a long way when I now travel. I don’t ever leave home without some gym gear and my Nikes, even if I am only away for 3 nights.

Fast forward from my first holiday in 2010 to my last trip in the Maldives and Dubai, things had changed a lot.

As soon as we got to our hotel after a long flight of laying down, I headed straight to the gym to move my body. This is something I recommend everyone do after a long haul flight and be sure to rehydrate.

Every morning I made sure I had my warm lemon water, even if it meant hijacking the restaurant staff at 5.30am to ask for a lemon from their pretty displayed vases and asking for a sharp knife, I did it. Thank goodness there was no one in the elevators on the way back to my room, knife in one hand, lemon in the other, all class haha.

Warm lemon water as soon as I wake has become a every morning ritual for me and have done now since April 2015 and I strongly believe this is one of the reasons as too why I have not been sick since then and this is because of the alkalizing of the body and the high dosage of vitamin C. (Click here for more information on Lemon Water)

When we ate I was a lot more thoughtful with my food choices, if that meant we had burgers I would have a bun-less or lettuce leaf bun because I was no doubt going to have fro-yo or some type of dessert, so I made some swaps for things to still be able to enjoy more food for the things I wouldn’t usually have every day, because lets face it, you are on holiday and you eat out every meal.

I made sure I would do some form of exercise even if it meant going for a fasted walk along the beach to get my body feeling more energised.

Fast forward to today from the Dubai and Maldives trip last year, we are about to head back to one of our favourite get away destinations – Bali.

This will be our 5th time heading over there in just under 4 years. We have our retreat we are running first and then we have a few days to relax and also celebrate our anniversary which is very exciting.

If you follow me on social media you will know that I have been doing a Liver Tea Cleanse the last week and still have one more week to complete and it is based on a vegan lifestyle whilst doing it, and to be honest, I feel amazing from eating like this.

My weight training has backed off over the last week and in hindsight, I think it is doing the world of good for my body and mind. Walking and some super light weights have been my go-to the last week and I am loving it.

So with that in mind, my cleanse will be completely finished (this includes a 8 day probiotic tea stage after the first 14 cleanse stage) on the day we leave for Bali and I know my food choices will be very different from when we first travelled back in 2010.

I even asked my husband, Brett, if he wanted to do a ‘one day juice cleanse’ with me through a company over there after we run our retreat, which means no thinking about eating out for a day, this will be very new to us, but he agreed.

I am very excited to see how I go when I am over there as I know there are a lot of healthy places to eat at and I don’t have to go crazy anymore when it comes to buffets, not because I am restricting, but because I truly know how my body is designed to feel at it’s peak and leaves me feeling amazing throughout the day and because my body is worth nourishing with wholesome loving foods.

I am in no way shape or form saying that when you go on holidays that you shouldn’t treat yourself… all. I know I will be for sure, but be mindful with every meal, have something that is tasty but also nourishing to the body so you can have treats later if you feel like it.

Be sure to get your body moving daily when you are on holidays, even it is just for a walk, you will feel 10 times better for it I can assure you.

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