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Walking is one of the first milestones most of us achieve in our very early stages of life.

But many people…. do it wrong… 


People walk wrong?


This is very common. 

More on that in a moment.

Whilst many studies conclude that walking is not the fastest and most effective way to burn body fat (on average we burn about 100 calories per 1.6km), it does have some VERY BENEFICIAL effects.

It works absolute wonders for your mentality and overall wellness.

Walking can help reduce high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, just to name a few.

It can also be a better choice over running as less injuries occur. 

So if you are just starting out on your fitness journey, walking is a safe and great place to start.

How to MAXIMISE walking for fitness and health!

If you are out for an intentional “power walk”, remember, it is not about how big your arm swings are or how big your stride is. 

It’s the belly-button to spine action. Sometimes also known as the “tummy tuck”.

When you walk, draw your belly button to your spine. That deep layer of muscle is key to supporting your back.

It stabilizes the middle of your body so your legs can move with much more power. 

It helps to engage your core, which in turn helps engage other muscle groups as you walk.

Weekly walking goal: Start out walking 30 minutes per day 5 times a week. As times goes on, increasing your walking time is something to aim for.

If you are someone who sits most of the day and has a desk job, your current exercise routine may not be enough to combat your long periods of being sedentary. (Yes, we often require more movement than a single workout)

Here are 5 simple tips to increasing your daily steps.

How you can add more steps to your day: 

  1. Walk & Listen: Whether its listening to a podcast or your favourite music, this can really kill time. So essentially you can be learning as you are burning – See what I did there? Haha

  2. Set A Reminder: Every hour or 2 if you can, get up and walk around or do laps of the corridors or stairs for 5 minutes. These steps can really add up at the end of the day.

  3. Walk & Talk: Every time you take or make a call, turn it into a walk. Cut laps up and down the corridors or walk outside. This can really add to your daily steps and it is done effortlessly.

  4. Walk Wherever You can: Stop taking the lift or escalator and start taking the stairs. Instead of parking right outside the shops, park at the back of the car park to get those extra steps in.

  5. Get A Walking Buddy: One of my biggest and most effective tips for fitness is to get yourself a training buddy or in this case a walking buddy. Having someone where you can rely on each other to turn up and show up makes a world of a difference to your motivation and ultimately your results.

If you are an avid walker i’d love to hear from you below.

1: How often you walk (per week)
2: How long is each session

Happy Walking.

Until next time, live your best life.

Emily x

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