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What Are The Best Ways To Track Your Progress?

This topic would have to be one of my most passionate topics to talk to women about, because results go a lot further then just a number. The number I am referring too is the number on the scales.

I can confidently say on behalf of all women that we have all jumped on a set of scales at some point on our health and fitness journey hoping to see the scales change to anything than you are currently weighing. I say this because some people’s goals are to increase their weight, so I am taking everyone’s goals into consideration here.

First of all, if you own a set of bathroom scales in your home, do me a favour, but most of all do your self worth a favour and ditch them right now, throw them out, they are no good to you, at all.

I have had the privilege of training hundreds of women in person through female group training also known as ‘Boot-Camp’ through our business Fiit Chicks, and also via Personal Training that I did exclusively from my home. So I have seen a lot of different women from all walks of life, ranging in ages from as young as 17, right up to 58.

Over the years I saw that if their goal was either to lose weight or gain weight and the scales shows the opposite to what they were hoping to achieve then they all had one thing in common: They felt discouraged, sad, and worthless.

This is where I get really passionate.

Let’s paint the picture.

You have been working out really hard, putting all your effort into your meal prep, you are eating super clean and healthy and passing on the sneaky treats you would usually consume over the week and you are feeling so healthy and fit. The people around you are noticing your energy levels and your positive vibes are bouncing off you on to the people you surround yourself with. Everything is fitting really well some even fitting looser than before and you feel like you are blossoming into a confident woman.

“Why did I not do this sooner?” you ask yourself.

You then decide it’s time to jump on the scales to see what the results show. You start to feel a little bit nervous, but what the heck, you are feeling absolutely amazing, surely the scales will show something different from when I started.

You hop on the scales and the numbers appear, it isn’t what you were hoping for. You cover your hands with your mouth in disbelief; you get off the scales and hop back on, hoping that this is some mistake. It reads the same.

Then you start go back over the past few weeks on how could this be. You start to feel like someone has kicked you in the stomach and all of a sudden you think, “someone pass me the cheese and chocolate now” I give up!

I have seen this happen far too many times in my career, and this is why I sit down with my clients and go over everything that they had told me that they were feeling prior to jumping on the scales at home.

The scales do not measure your health and fitness, it doesn’t show you the strength you have gained, it doesn’t show you how happy and confident you have become.

Don’t let the number on the scales define your worth.

My first tip on the best ways to track and measure your progress is to take photos. Take them in the same or similar clothing and at the same time of day you took your start photos. This way you will get the best results for your comparisons.

Another way is to take your measurements with a tape measure. Make sure you take the measurements from the same side of the body every time and in the same place to get the best results for your comparisons.

My third tip to track your progress is to see how your clothes are fitting. I’m speaking for all women here but I would go on record to say that we all have a pair of jeans or some form of clothing that we have that we use as a goal to be able to fit them one day. I get emails all the time from ladies who have let me know they are able to get into their favourite shorts from using my programs.

You can also go even further with tracking your results, however it is a paid option and this is a Dexter Scan. This is a machine that measures your body on a higher scale. It will give you your fat %, muscle mass, water weight and so on, but if you are looking for no cost and easy alternatives, my first 3 tips are a great way to track your progress.

So please, if you own a set of scales, ditch them now because they do not define your self worth and how you feel overall. Keep working hard and stay consistent. Let yourself fall in love with the women you are becoming, the fitter, stronger and more confident you.


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